International SpaceWire Conference 2016 (ISC2016)

25 - 27 October

Yokohama, Japan


Key Dates

Below are key dates which you may wish to note.

Abstract Submission9 May 2016
Early Registration Finishes29 August 2016
Full Paper Submission29 August 2016
SpaceWire Conference25 - 27 October 2016

Conference Schedule

Monday 24 October

1400 - 1730 Registration

1400 - 1730 Tutorials on SpaceFibre and SpaceWire-D

Tuesday 25 October

0915 - 1700 Registration

0930 - 0945 Introduction

0945 - 1035 Keynote Speakers

1035 - 1730 Conference Sessions

1800 - 2000 Welcome Reception

Wednesday 26 October

0915 - 1130 Registration

0915 - 1700 Conference Sessions

1900 - 2100 Iseyama Hills Banquet

Thursday 27 October

0915 - 1100 Registration

0915 - 1655 Conference Sessions

Friday 28 October

0915 - 1715 Optional day tour to Kamakura

SpaceWire 2016 Tutorials

SpaceFibre Tutorial

14:00-16:00 Monday 24 October

SpaceFibre is the next generation of SpaceWire technology for spacecraft on-board data-handling. It is able to operate at multi-Gbits/s over distances of up to 5m using electrical cable and 100m using fibre optic cable. It is galvanically isolated, includes quality of service and fault detection, isolation and recover capabilities. SpaceFibre is backwards compatible with SpaceWire at the Network level, which enables existing SpaceWire equipment to be connected into a SpaceFibre network without modification. Furthermore SpaceFibre has been designed to have a small footprint, enabling its implementation in flight qualified FPGAs and ASIC devices without using a large part of the device. The SpaceFibre ECSS standard will be published in late 2016.

The SpaceFibre tutorial will first provide an overview of the SpaceFibre standard, describe each of the protocol layers in detail, and finally look at some applications for SpaceFibre networks.


16:30-17:30 Monday 24 October

SpaceWire-D provides a set of deterministic data delivery services for SpaceWire networks. It is designed to work with existing SpaceWire routing switches and nodes that operate as remote memory access protocol (RMAP) target devices. RMAP transactions are scheduled on the SpaceWire network in a series of time-slots. Several RMAP initiators can use the network without contention after appropriate scheduling

The SpaceWire-D tutorial will describe the operation of SpaceWire-D and include video clips of SpaceWire-D in action in a demonstration system.

Technical Programme

PDF of Technical Programme

Tuesday 25th October 2016

0930-0945 Introduction

0945-1035 Keynote Speakers

Wednesday 26th October 2016

1550-1700 Poster Presentations

Thursday 27th October 2016

Poster Presentations